Guy Turner Reserve, 43 Phyllis Bayswater Vic. 3153

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9729 8312

Duty Officer: 0455 441 991


Board of Management 2023-2024


Robert Meredith

0412 067 160

Building & Planning:



John Rouse

0418 363 556



 Doug Clarke

0490 133 953

Editor, Magazine:

Publicity Officer:

 David Haack

0419 647 393

Function Coordinator:

Karen Barton

0418 504 614


Carl Boltwood

0422 438 903

Liaison Officer:

Juancho Natividad

0478 685 466



Peter Commane

0407 049 534

Vice President:

Tim Fruin

0418 349 085


John Garrity

0429 925 718

Assistant  Secretary:

Barbara Keenan

0458 495 438


To be appointed


Karen Barton

Rob Meredith

Greens Director:

Ray O’Toole

0419 800 551

Bowls Director:

John Rouse

0418 363 556

Club Structure

The Club operates under a Board of Management comprising a President and Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, two elected directors and two appointed directors. The Vice President and Assistant Secretary particularly focus on bowls related matters. The two appointed directors would normally be members appointed to the roles of Greens Director and Bowls Director.

The Board appoints members or sub-committees with specific areas of responsibility, e.g. kitchen, bar, gardens, building maintenance, etc., thereby bringing to the table a wide range of experience in administrative, managerial and practical ways.

Three Pennant selectors are elected by the members themselves, with the forth member being appointed by the Board.

Weekend Selectors:

Peter Commane (Chairperson)

Doug Clarke

    Fiona McNamara

Ray Wheeler,

Chris Powell

Midweek Selectors:

Peter Commane (Chairperson)

Doug Clarke

    Fiona McNamara

Ray Wheeler,

Chris Powell

Club Coaches:

Doug Clarke,

Karen Barton

Fiona McNamara,

Tim Murphy,

    John Phyland,

Club Umpires:

Tim Murphy, John Corn.